Welcome to Paywell Solutions Limited

We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified digital payment solutions provider in Ghana with a wide reach in other countries in the sub region, providing tailored solutions to suit the needs of each market segment in terms of payment services and other value-added services

Paywell Payment Platform

Products of the platform

Payment processing


Digital wallet

PAYMENT Acceptance

P2P money transfer

POS payment

Mass Payment

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Other Services

Application Development

Tailor made solutions to suit client needs. Think of an idea for a solution and we are ever ready to help implement it, from standalone to integration solutions..

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EMV Certification

Provision of test cards, execution and analysis of test cases. Our latest toolkit contains all test Cards and test plans from UL for certification.

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Solution Deployment & Training

A team of engineers are available to help roll out your solution if you do not have the needed human resource and infrastructure

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Supply of Payment Terminals

Supply of different range of POS terminal devices and Accessories. We supply all ranges of terminals for our clients, from countertop, through mobile to unattended devices

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Repair & Maintainance of Terminals

At Paywell, we offer a world-class repair and maintenance service enabling you maximize the life cycle of your existing terminals.

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Support is available for application and hardware services

Why Paywell?

Our 100% API driven platform is a secure open banking and digital payments platform which is the right fit for PSPs, banks, Mobile Network Operators, e-money Issuers and merchants. It features a robust payment gateway for easy third-party integration.

Results based experience

It is our aim to help our clients place a foothold in a growing cashless society while enabling them take full advantage of existing payment technologies, in order to provide more value to their customers through the use of our secure open payment platform, Paywell.